Experienced . Reliable . Sustainable Designs

Headquartered in Singapore, Squire Mech is a leader in the field of Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) Engineering design and consultancy services.

Squire Mech started as Squire Beca in 1977 as a small partnership between Raglan Squire & Partners and New Zealand-based Beca. After parting ways with Beca in 1979, we were renamed Squire Mech. Since then, we have expanded to 7 offices in 4 different countries globally.

We have more than 47 years of experience working on projects across different sectors such as offices, retail, residential, high-tech factories, healthcare and education. Our team of highly-skilled engineering and design teams work in close synergy with each other. Through our innovative approach, we continuously provide our clients with high quality service and sustainable engineering system designs.